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Self Storage Space Calculator

Use our handy online calculator to determine what size storage space you will need. Just enter the number of items you have and click the "calculate" button. The figures generated by this calculator are to be used only as estimates. After you have done this, jot down the estimated square footage you need and then call us at  303-655-1700  to further assist you with your storage needs.

Living Room # of Appliances & Kitchen # of Miscellaneous # of
Bookcase   Air conditioner   Baby carriage
Bookshelves   Dehumidifier   Bicycle
Cabinet   Dishwasher   Desk
Chair, arm   Freezer   Fan
Chair, straight   Stove   File cabinet, cdbd
Chair, occasional   Refrigerator   File cabinet, 2 drw
Chair, overstuffed   Vacuum cleaner   File cabinet, 4 drw
Chair, rocking   Washing machine   Golf bag
Desk   Dryer   Hamper, clothes
Fireplace equip.   Table   Patio table
Lamp   Chair   Patio chair
Sofa, 6ft.         Patio chaise lounge
Sofa, sectional/pc   Bedroom # of   Piano, baby grand
Sofa, loveseat   Bed, bunk   Piano, upright
Stereo, console   Bed, double   Rug, large
Table   Bed, single   Rug, small
Table, coffee/end   Bed, king   Sewing machine
TV, table-model   Bed, queen   Suitcase
TV, console   Bed, rollaway   Table, card
Wall Unit   Bookshelves   Table, game
      Chair   Trunk
Dining Room # of   Bureau   Box, book
Buffet, base   Chest, cedar   Box, legal tote
Cabinet, corner   Desk   Box, all-purpose
Table, dining   Dresser, single   Box, wardrobe
Chair, dining   Dresser, double      
Server   Nightstand      

Calculate Square Feet: = Your estimated square footage


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